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Apr 22, 2021
Iman23 Truly Addicted User
Surgeon says ACL tear. Radiologist who read the MRI says no tear. What to do?
Went to follow-up appt today with son who injured knee playing soccer. Surgeon did not have access to the radiology report before the appt., but I did have a disk of the MRI, so we looked at it together during the eval.

She said there is a tear at the top of the ACL, that they can repair with a suture, and he won't need any grafting, which I think is great news. The radiology report finally came a couple hours after the appt and the radiologist said no tears anywhere.

I think I trust the surgeon. We did use an Open MRI, which I did not realize may not be as high quality as a closed MRI. Could this explain the difference?

Is a second opinion in order? Is this common that there is disagreement on if there is a tear or not?

The surgeon did actually evaluate my son - checked for range of motion, etc., and she is a team doctor for several high schools in the area, and gets very good reviews. Does tons of ACL surgeries.

What should I do? My son is 15, and still growing. Obviously want to do it right, but if he doesn't need surgery...I would like to know that.
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