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Apr 28, 2021
dYrtbYkerYder All-American
The solution for the CFB playoff is obvious. 8 teams, but use the conference
championship games as a play-in. In order to provide access to the G5 teams, have the two best non-P5 teams play each other to earn their way into the final 8. Then you do two at-large bids, which would almost always come from the Power 5 conferences.

The final tournament would be 8 teams, but it would essentially be a 14-team tournament because the conference championship games would serve as a de facto first round. With this format, here's what the playoff would've looked like last season:

Round of 14 - conference championship games (rankings based on CFP Rankings entering CCG week)
- SEC: #1 Alabama def #7 Florida
- Pac 12: Oregon def #13 USC
- ACC: #3 Clemson def #2 Notre Dame
- Big 12: #10 Oklahoma def #6 Iowa State
- Big 10: #4 Ohio State def #14 Northwestern

And the top two non-P5 teams play each other for a playoff bid
- #9 Cincinnati vs. #12 Coastal Carolina. Let's pretend that Cincinnati wins this game.

From the games above, the winners get auto-bids:
- #1 Alabama, #3 Clemson, #4 Ohio State, #10 Oklahoma, Oregon, and #9 Cincinnati

Then we need two more at-large bids (Rankings based on CFP Rankings following CCG week:
- #2 Notre Dame, and #5 Texas A&M

So the 8-team College Football Playoff bracket would have looked like this (Seeds based on final CFP Rankings). The top seed in the 1st Round would play at home:
- #1 Alabama vs. #8 Oregon
- #2 Clemson vs. #7 Oklahoma
- #3 Ohio State vs. #6 Cincinnati
- #4 Notre Dame vs. #5 Texas A&M

Who could say no to that? It doesn't water down the regular season, winning your conference would still matter, it gives access to Non-P5 schools, it gives powerhouse programs an extra home game, and it only requires that one extra game be played each year. The only extra game would be the play-in game between the top G5 schools (it's not an extra game for the Round of 8 schools because they would be playing in bowl games either way).
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