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May 3, 2021
Rat Truly Addicted User
Funny story
About 2 years ago I played Madden 19 franchise mode. One of the teams I started out with were the Oakland raiders before they moved to vegas. Anyways I relocated them to Brooklyn and changed their name to the Brooklyn Beats. We did pretty terribly the year before we moved so we had one of the top 5 picks. In the draft, there was a QB from BYU who was a second-round talent. But me being a BYU homer I chose to take him over the higher-up draftees. His name was Colby Milton and wore no.1. Anyways we went on to win the super bowl 2 years later. Considering M is an upsidedown W and the T is one letter from S. I can testify that I was one of the first to predict Zach's draft to a New York team in the top 5. I only just now remembered it because I hadn't bought any of the new maddens and wanted to look back at the older madden. Pretty neat, right?
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