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May 4, 2021
bluecheese All-American
He's a little young now, but consider him being a waiter.
We have a really upscale restaurant in our little town. 150 year old hotel with a fancy restaurant. They are always looking for help in the restaurant and can't figure out why local kids don't apply. My son did it and made bank. Not unusual to have dinners with several hundred dollar tabs and he could get $50+ tips from one table. He was a lifeguard during the day and waited tables in the evening. Plus, he liked dressing up nice, so he loved it. Plus great interpersonal skills, and learning to talk to people. Really helped prepare for talking to people on a mission.

Your son could start out bussing tables, and he could share in tips. Once he was old enough, he could starting waiting on tables. Plus, an experienced waiter can always find a job.
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