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May 7, 2021
newbie All-American
My claim to fame - I was the best at little league in my town
and it wasn't even close. I went through a rough time in middle school and quit baseball but I do wonder what I could have done - it's my uncle Rico moment.

Anyway - I absolutely tanked my tryouts because I wanted to be on a certain team with a certain coach who was a guy in my ward. So I was willing to go to the B league to be on his team. Many of the LDS kids in my area did this to be on his team. That year the team was basically 100% LDS. We killed everyone - most teams by more than 10 runs.

The next year I didn't even try out for the A league because I was slated to be on his team anyway. But halfway through the season the league forced me to move up to the A league because I was too good for the B league. I basically was batting over .900 and had like 25 homeruns. I was put on the worst team in the A league and we almost ended up winning the regional tournament. From last to almost first.
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Aug 12, 2005
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