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May 7, 2021
JAGA97 All-American
The best I can do is a description. Our coop has an inside and outside area for
the chickens. He locks the gate for the outside area and goes into the inside area to get the eggs. He opens the nesting door at eye level and there is a raccoon stuffed in there eating an egg. He reacts by punching the raccoon and backing up. The raccoon hisses and falls out of the nest. They are now on separate sides of wire fencing. It starts running around and making a bunch of noise because it is trapped in the coop with no way out. Fearing it will hurt the chickens who are safely roosted but nervous, my son gets a big rock and goes into the enclosure where the racoon charges him as he pelts it with the rock as runs through my sons legs. The stupid thing runs into the garden area which is also fenced other than the door which was open. Now my son has a second stand off and is better prepared with a shovel. He swings and misses as the raccoon gets around him and escapes into the desert.

The skunk was nearly the same scenario but the moment I saw it I just ran out. I went inside and got my .410 hoping it was gone. I unlocked the gate and got out of the way. No skunk to be found. Later found how it had breached the coop.
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