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May 7, 2021
StalwartBraveTrue All-American
No. Steroids are more in line with the inequities in training facilities.
Somehow steroids are considered “cheating” because they are an external environmental supplement that infers what we call an “unfair advantage”. But it’s really only “unfair” because we call it unfair.

Do we call the vast and remarkable disparity between the training facilities available to tOSU an unfair advantage over those resources available to Columbus community college just up the road? Why not? Both steroids and the training facilities are external environmental supplements that infer advantages to one athlete over another.

Why, in the Olympics do sub Saharan African nations not do as well in many events as European nations? Because the training, dietary, and mental health resources are not there in those nations. Is it unfair, not to the IOC, but steroid are? Why? Because we label them as “unfair”.

In reality sports are just unfair. It’s the nature of the game. Some are blessed with better genetics, some are blessed with better resources, some are blessed with better training. It’s never “fair”. It’s just either acceptable or unacceptable.

That said I oppose steroids. And I oppose having XY athletes (what else do you call them?) competing in physical competition with XX athletes.
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