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May 10, 2021
byujacob Got Board Games?
I can see no reason that JJ Abrams should have the reins to any major franchise
especially something like DC. I can't understand how he's become such a big name. He helped come up with the idea for Lost, and directed the pilot. Other than that, he was uninvolved. MI 3 is probably his best work, and it's not even the best MI movie. Star Trek was meh. Star Wars was worse. He's one of those guys who needs to be surrounded by people much more creative and brighter than him to succeed, and I have yet to be impressed by anything he's done so far. I think he works well as a producer, but as a director or a showrunner, he's completely unimpressive. I just don't understand this move at all by WB/DC. They must be that desperate.
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