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May 14, 2021
whirl All-American
I'm an NC resident, and I got gas

Seriously though, I doubt many remember about 2 years ago, there was an explosion in GA on the same pipeline that shut it down for a couple of weeks.

THAT was way worse than this.

Were there issues for some in finding gas in the last week? Maybe. But honestly, I didn't see it. I heard more about the "gas shortage" from the texts coming in on my phone from people back west than I ever came close to seeing in reality.

I grabbed gas twice during the "hysteria" (two different cars) and drove up directly to the pump both times. I only saw lines at pumps at two stations, and neither of them were worse than what you would see midweek at Costco.

Yes, there were pumps in the area that ran out, but they were up and running the next day, no problem.

Judging by how many texts I got about it, you'd think we were headed into a 7-year drought.

I'm really starting to dislike the media.
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