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May 14, 2021
byujacob Got Board Games?
Cryptid vs Search for Planet X
If you're looking for a great deduction board game where you really solely on your ability to reason through logic and solve a puzzle, consider these two.

Cryptid is a pure board game where everyone is searching for a cryptid and as soon as someone finds it, they win and game over.

Search for Planet X has an app that must be included (which is usually a dealbreaker for me). Turn order is interesting because certain actions cause you to move forward more spaces which may delay your next turn (ala Patchwork). You may be the person to find Planet X but you may not win the game due to scoring of Theories throughout the game which are also worth points.

Both games are great. Planet X might be the better game, though. The app integration is really cool and the gameplay is a little more tense than Cryptid. Cryptid supports up to 5 players. Planet X allows you to nerf or boost certain players, making it easier to play with younger (or dumber) players and everyone stands a fair chance based on their abilities.
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