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May 16, 2021
Adrielle Subjective Fact Checker
Really liked Zach Snyder's Justice League
Like most, I've not been a big fan of what happened to Batman sand DC after the TDK trilogy.

I like me Man of Steel, even if the final fight scene was kind of ridiculous. But Batman v Superman was kind of a mess.

Aquaman was so bad, it was kind of fun, although I've never understood it cared for Aquaman.

WW was enjoyable, but WW 1984 was just ridiculous.

Never saw the original theatrical release of Just l Justice League, mainly because Batman v Superman was bad and Justice League got such terrible reviews.

So when saw Zach Snyder's JL, I put off watching it. Finally took the plunge last night.

It totally sucked me in and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. I liked how they spent a significant amount of time giving some of the backstory for Cyborg and Flash. Actually really liked both characters and would probably see a movie featuring either superhero.

And while there were some fairly predictable parts, and it seems that this version of DC has nothing but epic level battles, I found the story quite compelling, and the ending not only satisfying, but wishing WB would have let Snyder continue with JL.
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Adrielle Subjective Fact Checker
May 16, 10:00pm

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