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May 17, 2021
Xenon All-American
First morning without Early Morning Seminary in nearly 13 years!!!
Today we are enjoying a milestone in the Xenon household.... No Early Morning Seminary!!!

Our last kid just finished up seminary last week....

We have had everything from putting the kids on a bus at 6:00 am to drving them up to seminary (about 20 minutes away) to Zoom seminary in their pajamas to kids driving themselves to seminary in the local building just 2 minutes away...

We have some years with 3 in the car for the drive up, and other years with only 1. I have enjoyed the quiet time at work for years dropping of the kids and getting to work before the main body of the workforce.

BUT ... we finally have the last kid just finish up seminary....

I don't have to poke any more kids in the morning (for seminary!! probably still do for school!!!!) ....

It's just kind of weird this morning..... a good weird, but weird!!
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