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Jun 9, 2021
Tougers Walk-on
Cormani McClain - we just dropped him off at the airport and...

We just dropped Cormani McClain off at the airport to head back to Florida and we need your help!! We need EVERYONE and their grandma to like and comment on his instagram post. He had an amazing time at BYU and there is one thing that no other school can offer him - Cougar Nation. Get on there and comment, like and get this kid amped about our school and fans. If this is his most liked instagram pic of all-time, it'll send the message of what a legend he'll be if he comes here. Here's the link:

Here's a recap of how the week went:

  • Cormani flew in Sunday evening and stayed at my buddy's house in Mapleton. Monday morning he attended the youth camp. The kid is an incredible athlete - strong, quick and has great instincts.
  • Monday afternoon Comani got a tour of the campus and then met with Kalani. Kalani gave a great pitch focused on the BYU fanbase and community. In my mind, he played the only card the other big schools don't really have - the fact that Cormani will be a legend here at BYU. His name will be etched in stone if he comes here. He also talked about how Utah is thriving and there is a great commuinty here. If you read this, Coach - YOU KILLED IT.
  • Tuesday morning Cormani suited up for a photoshoot. That's where he got the photos for his instagram post. He was stoked to wear the royal blue helmet and had a great time.

Bottom line - Cormani is really excited about BYU. Obviously schools like Alabama have a leg up in many ways, but he was very impressed with BYU. If we can show this kid some love on Instagram, it will go a long way. Here's another link to his instagram post - let's blow this thing up. Get your mom, kid, Grandma - anyone you know to like and comment.:) If we can back up Kalani's pitch on the strength of the fanbase, I think it'll blow his mind!!!



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