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Jun 9, 2021
fldnstrm All-American
From a hunting perspective, it becomes death by a thousand cuts.
Hunting bears with hounds is a management tool. My preference as a taxpayer and hunter is that fish and game agencies have power and authority to use all the tools at their disposal to help manage populations.

The slippery slope and death by a thousand cuts is that it has become political and in some states popular vote has removed hunting with hounds as a legal method of take. Then next thing will be trapping, or hunting bears over bait, or waterfowl over decoys, etc.

Take Oregon for example. Mountain lions cannot be pursued with hounds even with hunters willing to pay a fee to do so. So what do they do now? The state agency still has to hire and pay houndsmen to go kill a certain number of mountain lions yearly, as opposed to having recreational hunters pay a fee and do it.

It would be nice to leave politics and feelings out of it, because for whatever reason sporting and fairness only applies to charismatic megafauna like bears, wolves and lions, or at least that is when the crazy cat ladies from Jersey seem to cry foul.
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