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Jun 9, 2021
Jstak17 All-American
Afraid to respond directly to me? I think a pretty good portion of people
would agree that sending 20 dogs trained to scent bears isn’t exactly some great sportsman’s achievement. And yes, I know every chase hunt isn’t the same. And yes it’s part of conservation. I never said it should be illegal. If you want to pay the money and go do it, fine. Plenty do.

Just seems kind of lame to be honest. It’s like the people that pay all that money to go to Africa and get a trophy animal. It’s hunting only by the widest of definitions. But if others want to do it, fine!

So by giving my opinion, I somehow know more than the op? Just trying to have a conversation. I can state my opinion just like you.

Not sure why some can’t handle an opposing viewpoint without responding with passive aggressive sarcasm. The lowest form of wit.
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