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Jun 9, 2021
Jstak17 All-American
I haven’t really though about it. Most seem fine. Do you agree that a line has
to be drawn somewhere though? You think hunters should be able to use snares or leg traps? Because if it were legal some would do it.

Everyone draws a line somewhere. Like I said, you probably wouldn’t be ok with dynamite fishing.

To me, sending 20 trained dogs after an animal doesn’t seem like much of a hunt. It just doesn’t compute. It’s suppose to be recreation right? Isn’t the thrill of the hunt, the possibility of not getting one part of the sport?

But it’s legal and controlled, people are going to do it. I just wouldn’t call it some big accomplishment. It’s just my opinion. People coming after me on here. I’m not saying it should be outlawed. It’s just not something I would do.
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