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Jun 9, 2021
Jstak17 All-American
It’s hilarious, you can’t understand the difference between a recreational hunt
and meat supplied from the supply chain. Not sure why. Did I ever say a meat packing place was where the real sportsman are? You bringing up how myself and others eat is irrelevant.

Understand my central argument, stick to that. It appears you can’t because you constantly jump to unrelated tangents.

Hunting with a large pack of dogs doesn’t seem like legitimate hunting FOR ME. Plenty disagree. And they are welcome to go do it as long as it’s legal.

Somehow, in your brain that means I shouldn’t be eating any meat lol. The logic just doesn’t seem to connect for you.

1. HUNTING, recreational, suppose to be a sport. meat may be eaten but is a tiny portion of diet for most Americans.

2. Food supply. Necessary to feed a nation of 360 million. Not sport. what we all rely upon to survive (Including 99% of hunters).

My criticism on a tiny portion of hunters has nothing to do with how we are all fed.

Not sure how to make it any clearer for you.
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