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Jun 10, 2021
runitup590 All-American
I’ve said it no less than a thousand times: 1996 was last year we really beat
Utah. I was 11! I am now almost 36 and a father of 3 children.

We have had glimpses of hope over the years but never just beat Utah outright since 96. Here were the glimpses of us handily beating Utah that didn’t materialize beyond last second miracles (or just a loss)

- 2006 started off 1Q hot and got up 14-0 well anyway that unraveled and required last minute miracles

- 2009 got up 20-3 and I thought “finally after all these years” well anyway then that also evaporated and required OT

- 2018 stunningly exploding out to a big lead and I again thought wow I can’t believe it could finally happen, and in an unsuspecting year. Well anyway that disintegrated and ended up a loss

I will absolutely not say anything to Utah about any streak until 1) we beat them multiple times and 2) do it without relying on last second miracles on more than one occasion

All our wins since 1996 could have easily flipped to Utah wins, so it goes both ways:

- kaneshiro doink
- last miracle for LaVell
- Doman Staley 2001 comeback
- Beck to harline
- 4th and 18
- OT to Andrew George

every single one of those could have easily been a Utah win. Some of Utah’s wins could also have been BYU wins but BYU at no point had any solid wins like Utah has been able to sprinkle in through the years.

Win multiple times and win decisively. It’s the only answer here.
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