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Jun 10, 2021
SinkingQuffa Contributor
I like our QB options, yes. I hope our fans treat them fairly, though.
There may not be a future NFL draft pick among Romney, Hall & Conover.

Let alone a top-3 pick.

But there also may be 3 good D1 options on the table.

I really wish I knew what it was Nick Saban saw to get him all the way out to Arizona to offer a kid barely taller & no more athletic than myself.

But the fact he saw something (which had to been quite a bit more than the truly remarkable highlight vids we all watched) — makes me believe we have a very good mix of 3 capable dudes. (I still remember drooling at Gunner Romney's highlights & thinking, "Man, he's pretty dang dominant, but geesh that QB is spoiling him rotten." And I also remember doubting the poster who first who piped up that the QB wasn't only LDS, but from a big BYU fam as well.)

I'm probably pulling the most for Baylor, closely followed by Jaren. Doesn't mean I won't be most excited if it's indeed Conover who's the last man standing in Fall camp, though.
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