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Jun 10, 2021
Z-Ute 3rd String
You are correct, except for a couple of things.
Utah owns BYU now like BYU did Utah back under LE days, can't argue that. If Utah wins this year, Utah will have a win streak that BYU has never had, ever! Of course if you go way back Utah has a 12 and 20 game streaks without a loss but I have heard it argued that those games don't matter, but isn't a win a win? (Adds to my post below)

Living through the 80s (ok, part of the 70s too but to young to care about football) I can tell you it absolutely made me part of the "Ute fan" I am today. Nothing playful about it. Not only were we less of a fan, we were less of a person, but now we're only less of a person so we have that going for us. Are we more arrogant, I don't think so but to each their own.

The funny thing about all this that the real reason the Ute fans I know rub it in (if they weren't around back in the LE days as well) is because BYU never losses, BYU only beat themselves or of course "the refs". No matter how the game ends, Utah is never the better team. It's posts like above, if this or that would have happened blah blah blah, well same could be said the other way, you are 24 points away from a 22 game losing streak, 24 points over 24 years (44 points in 25 games). Will it be 24 points over a quarter century this year? At least Utah was able to beat BYU by 56 points in the games we won during your 25 years of dominance. Only wins/losses matter, you've won 7 of the last 25, I believe we did the same thing to you in your prime, difference is I don't think Utah's run stops any time soon.

Sure we banter, it's just playful right?

And FTR, owned A COUPLE (means two) of decades, not several (more than two), I believe the 90s were a split.

It's posts like yours, giving Utah their respect is what lowers the arrogance.

We won't even get into the "but if we played last year crap", if we got our shot in '04 and '08 we would have two NC trophies!!!
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