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Jun 10, 2021
Cougarbib Truly Addicted User
All 3 seem to be capable to be a starting D1 QB. Can't wait to see them play. I
think 2, if not all 3, will get playing time in 2021.

Even when Wilson was starting QB in 2019, Hall was making wildcat appearances as was Kafentsis.

Romney is not a wildcatter type.

Unless someone pulls away in camp, I expect this:

Romney starts vs Arizona because he has proven he can beat a decent defense twice and a bad defense once. And that was 2 years ago, 1st snaps, on a broken foot.

Hall will be brought in as a wild cat QB, RB, and receiver occasionally keeping Romney in, but split out as a receiver. Roney caught atheist one pass in 2019.

Connover will get some mop up duties, but they will let him run the offense a bit to develop him.

The resut of all that will define roles vs Utah.

After the Utah game, we will start to get a clear picture of where we are at.

That is my GUESS.
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