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Jun 10, 2021
buckeyecougarguy All-American
"Only now do I realize how crazy it was to threaten rape as a way to make player
s work harder." -Gilvanni Johnson former Michigan football player.

Apparently Bo Shembechler knew his own son was being abused/molested by a team doctor and ignored. Punched his fourth grade son in the chest saying i don't want to hear this when he was told.

It was a known thing amongst coaches that young people were being abused by this doctor Anderson and sometimes coaches would threaten players be sent to that doctor as punishment or a way to motivate players.

850 victims, 200 involved in the lawsuit. Apparently Bo is the next Joe Paterno. Statues probably coming down and everything. Disgusting and sad. I was just listening to podcast about the gymnasts and Larry Nassar at Michigan state and the trauma that these victims go through. Its crazy when these things come to light and its so disturbing that people in power didn't do anything about it. His own son. Shembechlers own son was punched in the chest saying "I don't want to hear this."
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