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Jun 10, 2021
Mrs Featerbottom All-American
I have to plug this again: CB will LOVE Dana Carvey's podcast ("Fantastic")
This week features:

1. Donald Trump turning AOC and Bernie Sanders into capitalists by proposing liberal ideas (the premise being that liberals will always do the opposite of what he says).

2. Barack Obama trying to convince Bruce Springsteen to sing acapella to appease Michelle (he has an ongoing bit about Michelle bossing him around since they've been out of the White House).

3. Tony Fauci hosting a daytime TV show (where he is essentially wrong about everything).

4. Bill Clinton hitting on women at a bakery.

It's the best comedy out there right now, and he is one of the only comics who is willing to make fun of liberals. Sadly he didn't do his Joe Biden this week but it is also great.
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