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Jun 11, 2021
Cougarbib Truly Addicted User
They were also better than Sophomore Zach Wilson PER and by a good margin
including versus common opponents.

They do not need a higher PER to be successful. A PER of 150 wins most games. The trick is to maintain a 150 PER consistently versus the teams you play.

PER for Hall would mostly be based on 6 quarters of action plus 1 Tordo relief series, plus a few wildcat downs. If you break it out, you will find him well over 150 (187 or so, iirc) vs a terrible Utah State defense, but well under 150 vs Toledo and USF. And who knows what his PER would have been vs Utah, UW, Tennessee, Boise State, and SDSU? If he starts and delivers 150+ PER every game, BYU will enjoy double digit wins.

Romney was under 150 PER in his 2 series vs USF, but not bad. Not due to playing poorly -but due to not getting any TD passes vs USF when he took his very first college snaps. No picks. Moved the ball. Got us in field goal range both times. Romney PER (192 or so,, iirc) was higher than Hall by 5 points vs terrible Utah State. This is a ZW 2020 type PER.
He was over 150 vs both Boise State and a decent Liberty squad. In other words, there is more indication that he can deliver 150+ PER vs teams of that caliber. Not sure what he would deliver vs Utah, UW, etc., defenses. He did all of the above playing on an injured foot and also backed up Wilson - getting back-up reps, all of 2020.

Wilson is good enough to beat Arizona. He has proven that already. I do not know if any of them are good enough to beat Utah. None of them have proven that.
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