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Jun 11, 2021
SLIVER Starter
This line of thinking makes zero sense for BYU, or really any relevant program.
What about programs like Arizona State, Louisville, Miami, North Carolina, Va Tech, Colorado, Stanford, TCU, OK State, Maryland, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Nebraska, etc. Do their fans think they should join the AAC or MWC to get easier access? The reality of it is they need to have a perfect season to get to the CFP, just like we do. And they've done it as many times as we have (zero in decades). And they have (I'd argue) LESS of a realistic chance at the CFP, as we're able to build our own schedule and they have to battle a P5 schedule. I get that the P5 money makes it unrealistic, but do you think their fans actually WANT to step back into a G5 so they can have better access to the CFP? Of course not. Because then they would have to watch their beloved Hokies, Sun Devils, or Terrapins play a season of scrimmage games and hope it breaks their way so they can watch their team actually play someone.

The non-blue-goggled reality of college football is that only a handful of teams have the talent to go through the CFP. 98% of teams simply don't have the talent, which is why Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc are there every single year. You can say it's political (it is somewhat), but politics don't get Alabama to blitz through the talented SEC every year undefeated or with 1 loss. Politics get a 1 loss Alabama in over an undefeated UCF, but it doesn't make Alabama route Georgia in the Conference Championship game, or make Ohio State win 17 of the last 19 games vs Michigan. So if this is true, why would any fan choose to weaken the schedule and watch a season of cupcake games instead of watching games against good-great teams? And please don't say it's because they care about the G5 conference championships. Did anyone really care when BYU won or lost a WAC championship? If we were good, that trophy was a given and if we weren't no one cared about that trophy.
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