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Jun 11, 2021
Dr T-bone All-American
I am a big fan of Independence. A more clear path to playoff is not enticing.
I love playing the big teams, playing a tough schedule, even if it results in 7 or 8 win seasons a lot of the time. The AAC is a decent conference with some teams I would like to play regularly but filled with half of teams that I would rather not play regularly. It is rare for BYU to be top G5/ Non-P5 - We certainly haven't been in the past decade, not once. Not sure I want to give up the great schedule and fun games we now have with independence in order to have a slighly better chance at a playoff birth once every 10-20 years. In my opinion the conference championship has the potential for cheapening things, allowing less deserving teams to make it into the playoff. If BYU makes it into the playoff, I want it to be on their own merits, not just because BYU wins the AAC championship in a down year where they probably don't deserve to be there. Earn it by playing top teams and going 11-1 or maybe 10-2.

I would love the system to go back to a computer based ranking system where people like Gary Barta are able to push their own agendas. Not sure that will happen, but something like a BCS type selection system would be much more fair.

My equation for preference remains the same:

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