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Jun 11, 2021
Jstak17 All-American
In a recreational hunt yes. Don’t we always want fairness? However, in this case
it’s hardly a sure thing as pointed out in the study someone posted. It’s more of a legitimate sport than I originally thought. So if people want to get tags and go hound hunting, do it. It’s just not my bag. Funny that some just can’t accept that.

I guess the whole shooting a treed bear at point blank doesn’t seem right to me. But that’s an emotional stance. So if you are lucky enough to get a tag, go for it.

In that same study, 5 out of 7 states banned it. (Nice to know Im not alone in having my doubts over the whole thing.) So they must be managing their bear populations somehow. Interesting in that study they talk about bear hunting with dogs is a long held tradition in Virginia. So there are plenty of angles here.

What I don’t like is this rush to simplify the argument and attack anyone who isn’t on the right team. Not everyone, several of you have made great arguments that have persuaded me that it should be legal and is a legitimate means to control the bear population.
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