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Jun 11, 2021
bluescholar All-American
How on earth could you have better depth without better recruiting?
If you are recruiting guys that can be developed into quality depth, you are in fact recruiting well. The only data you've provided is bad team rankings data that I've now discussed multiple times as lacking in many ways.

Let's talk actual results. Can you provide some sort of hard evidence that the players being brought in right now are actually worse in their performance on the field than their predecessors?

I get it, you are a biased Ute (it's clear from your posts, whether you'll admit it or not). I've been following BYU football recruiting religiously (likely embarrassingly so) for 20 years. BYU's actual recruiting did not fall off a cliff in independence, it's gotten better. Outside of team recruit rankings (not actual team rankings, mind you) you haven't provided a single rationale illustrating your point and the results in the field tell a different story.
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