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Jun 12, 2021
lbmango All-American
Big Suns fan here, but Jazz fans have convinced me...
1. On player-to-player comparisons Jazz have MUCH better players.

2. Jazz have had a MUCH tougher path to the WC Finals so they'll be MUCH better prepared than the Suns.

3. Jazz will have home court advantage which is HUGE, and which makes the Jazz the MUCH more likely winner of the series.

4. SLC is MUCH higher in altitude than Phoenix which is a HUGE, making the Jazz the MUCH more likely winner of the series.

5. Suns fans haven't had a playoff team to cheer on for over a decade so all of their evaluations and predictions are based on emotion and not on logic and genuine NBA basketball evaluation acumen like the MUCH more sophisticated Jazz fans. So when the Jazz fans cheer for their team it's warranted while the cheering of Suns fans is illogical because it's clear the Suns have inferior players. HUGE advantage to the Jazz.

6. Utah has MUCH better coaching. Snyder has done a great job for multiple years, elevating the Jazz to a perennial contender. Williams is in his 2nd year. Appears this year is just a flash in the pan for the Suns. No one took the Suns seriously so they had the element of surprise on their side. If pundits knew what they were doing Snyder would have won coach of the year easily. After all, Utah did have the best record in the NBA regular season. Better coaching translates into a HUGE advantage for the Jazz.

7. The Suns' uniforms are hideous. They are universally dissed by Jazz fans, so their ugliness cannot be contested. By comparison, the uniforms of the Jazz are very classy, typifying a very classy, established organization. Uniforms shouldn't make a big difference, but all the little advantages add up, and admittedly, this is a HUGE one, so another advantage for the Jazz.

8. The time zone difference is going to be a HUGE advantage for the Jazz. A 7 pm tip time in SLC will be 8 pm according to the Phoenix players' body clocks. They'll be ready for bed instead of a basketball game. And for games in Phoenix it will be late afternoon for the Jazz players so they'll have more energy. HUGE advantage for the Jazz.

PREDICTION: It's clear and obvious, beyond the ability of anyone with a brain or an ounce of common sense to even debate. Jazz beat the Suns 4-0, most likely in humiliating fashion. Maybe the Suns should just concede.
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