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Jun 12, 2021
WDaddy Truly Addicted User
My wife’s water broke at 26 weeks with our 6th kid. Doc admitted her to
hospital and expected to deliver a baby that night. But they were able to stop the contractions and then sewed my wife up the next day to hold the baby in. She laid in bed for 8 weeks. She couldn’t get out of bed even too pee for the first 3 weeks.

By week 4, the doc felt comfortable with the amount of amniotic fluid she was able to replenish and so he allowed her to get out of bed only for bathroom breaks and to shower once every 3 days.

It was hell for her. Confined to a bed and your room for 2 months. She broke down a couple times during that ordeal. Good luck.

Edit: forgot to add. Baby is 4yo and heathy as an ox. 95% height, 98% weight. Biggest baby we’ve ever had.
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