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Jun 13, 2021
BYUALWAYSNUM1 Truly Addicted User
I was at work, with about 45 minutes left of my shift. Dressed in totally neutral colors and no hint that I even knew
What football was.
I was very proud of myself for outsmarting the work schedule and had heard not a peep about the game.
The game was recording on my 100" screen at my buddies house i was so excited to watch the game not knowing beforehand who even kicked off.
Then some dumb old geezer was coming through my checkout line. He was listening to Greg Wrubel. I asked if he had found everything he was looking for, just like I did to all of my other customers.
"42-0, what a great game."
😮 -Jaw drops- 😮
Never in my life did I want to backhand slap somebody so incredibly hard.
Shift eventually ended, I went home and watched that whole game without cheering once.
I still hate that stupid old geezer.
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