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Jun 13, 2021
Y'zGuy All-American
My dad is on hospice. Man isn’t there a better end of life option?
My dad has had Alzheimer’s for over 10 years. At some point he also developed dementia.

Mom called 3 weeks ago letting me know he was being put on hospice that his body was shutting down. I had planned to be up here with the kids beginning June 8th but she wasn’t sure he’d be around still.

Here we are and he’s still suffering. He’s skin and bones. Hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks. Down over 30 pounds since then.

He’s semi coherent but he’s not “living”. I fought back tears tonight trying to help mom change his “diaper” and bed cloth. He is on morphine and lorazepam and all sorts of other stuff but he’s fighting it so bad. He’s agitated, wiggled his way out of his pajama pants tonight.

We’ve all accepted that he’s passing. Just sucks to see him in this state waiting for his time to be up. He is a skeleton. The nurses can’t believe he is still here. It’s sad to even look at his body his ribs are sticking out. His legs are just bones. I’m assuming he’s starving to death but 2 weeks with no food and minimal liquids?

Maybe Kevorkian was onto something with helping suffering people end it. Mom is physically and emotionally drained. My sister is living there to help mom and she’s exhausted.

Am I bad person praying that his suffering ends? He isn’t going to get better so why is he needing to suffer any longer?
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