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Jun 15, 2021
notaboy Redshirt Freshman
Here's the problem: When was the last time a BYU team struck fear in the hearts
of the Utes?

It's been too long. If BYU/Utah had happened last year, I think it would have been our best chance in a while to dominate.

However, even with that team. Even with Taysom. Even with ______. For the last several years, really almost since P12, Utah (whether realistic or delusional)has felt like they've been anywhere from vastly superior to at least evenly matched. At. Every. Position.

That's a high mountain to overcome in a single game or season. I honestly think it will take Whitt retiring and BYU going on a tear to bring things back to mentally equal.

Last year was amazing, but we all pretty much expected the wins we got. I just want one BYU team to overachieve. I want a 1996. Is that too much to ask?

This year, that would mean going 8-4 AND one of those 8 is beating Utah. I would consider that overachieving based on the talent that left and the schedule.

Next year, I'd love to see a 10-2. That would be overachieving next year, depending on returning talent.
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