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Jun 17, 2021
Y'zGuy All-American
Dad finally passed early this morning
Seeing him suffer all week was miserable. Glad he’s finally free of that awful illness. He’s back with his mom and dad and brother.

I never had a great relationship with him. He never had any interest in sports or anything I was into. I resented him a lot for not being part of my life. He’s part of why I’m so involved with my kids because I don’t want them to look back wondering if I loved them. I see posts here about y’all whining about a 4 hour dance recital. To that I say man up and go watch your daughter do her thing. I absolutely love watching my girls on stage! And yes thankfully it’s only once a year 🤣

But he worked his butt off to make sure me and my sister had opportunities he didn’t. He didn’t go to college. He was a hotel handyman and worked odd jobs on weekends. He worked until Alzheimer’s forced him to retire. He never got to enjoy retirement. He barely knew his grandkids because of Alzheimer’s.

My mom and sister have taken care of him the past 10 years. They are relieved that burden is gone yet I guarantee they will miss that burden. Moms health isn’t great so my sister now gets to help take care of her.

Anyhow enjoy your time while you have it because you never know when you will start to go downhill. Dad was not even 55 when Alzheimer’s started to rob him of his future.
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