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Jun 17, 2021
Moops Starter
Mandel is flat wrong. We are BYU, not Auburn. 11-1 BYU will never, ever,
beat out a 9-3 SEC or Big10 team. There will always be a 9-3 SEC or Big10 team to jump us. We need guaranteed access. Let's be VERY clear. Indy does NOT offer that.

To be fair, what he actually said is that if the playoff went to 8, BYU must join a conference. With 12, maybe they don't. So he didn't actually say BYU shouldn't join a conference in those words.

Either way, there is 0 argument that Indy provides a better path to the playoff in a 12 team model. 0. Also Mandel: comb your hair you bum.
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