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Jun 17, 2021
1CougFan Playmaker
something that is overlooked with scheduling is
not only recruiting but how it lifts your players to play at a higher level. Jarom has stated in a P5 BYU would not finish in the top 3 consistently but I would say being in a P5 would elevate the coaching and players. BYU is a great program I think they would "rise up" to play in the top level of the conference more often than is expected.

Tom Holmoe stated it today. Playing the best teams, increases the level of play and ability to beat the best teams.

For sure there is a balance to be had, but with this new system there will be a huge emphasis and arguments for strength of schedule. I think if your schedule is too weak, you will be left out even if you only have one loss (unless you are the highest ranked team of a conference and get one of the auto bids).

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next two years. May cause some reshuffling of the conferences as some look to get stronger and add another possible team that can improve chances to get one or more bids to that top 12.
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