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Jun 17, 2021
Moops Starter
haha. drive home a point without any facts. good job.
NY6 Access? AAC wins

Future Playoff Access? AAC wins

Bball? AAC wins

Recruiting? BYU has dropped since going Indy and has been out recrtuited by numerous G5 teams every single year of Indy. AAC wins, or at minumum, its a wash as these things are tricky to quantify.

Scheduling? CB looooves their Indy schedules, but did you know that our SOS on average would not be rated as high as the top AAC SOS? Throw in the terrible balance and the advantage is a wash at best.

Conference Bowl Tie ins? AAC wins.

Money? This is the best case for Indy, and with the AAC TV deal, the $ is incredibly close.

Exposure? Wash. I had no trouble watching my AAC games last year. BYU has a couple that were very hard to find whoever.

Please Deek, in all of your wisdom, sarcasm and ignorance, tell me more about the glory that Indy has brought BYU?
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