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Jun 17, 2021
Remigius All-American
An Independent BYU is vying for six spots
A G5 BYU is vying for one spot. The odds would say our chances are better as an independent.

Being in a G5 conference guarantees you absolutely nothing. We had a G5 schedule last year with one loss and we still weren't a top ten team.

In order to get the G5 spot you have to go undefeated or have one loss, at least that is what history has shown with the NY6 spot. That is usually a top ten team.

At the end of the day, BYU has to finish in the top ten to get a spot. Is that easier in G5 because schedules are easier, perhaps. I would rather have a team that beat 5-7 P5 schools than 8-9 G5 schools but I understand the allure of a G5 conference and schedule.

At the end of the day, BYU hasn't been a top 10 team in decades. Its kind of a silly argument to have until we get there and something adverse happens.
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