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Jun 17, 2021
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Real season examples why I support joining the AAC for playoff access
In 2006 BYU won the MWC and finished #20 in the BCS rankings. They finished as the 2nd highest G5 champion behind undefeated Boise State. However a loss by Boise to SJSU (a game they won by 3 points in mid-November) may have put BYU in as the top G5 champion. It didn't happen but BYU would have been in the conversation until late November.

In 2007, BYU won the MWC and finished #17 in the BCS rankings. Again BYU finished as the 2nd highest G5 champion behind undefeated Hawaii. What if the new CFP ranking system hit Hawaii harder for playing multiple FCS opponents? What if Hawaii had slipped up and not won their two games that went to OT? Can you imagine what it would have been like watching Hawaii come back from 21 down against UW to clinch the playoff bid away from BYU on December 1st.

In 2008, the 10-1 BYU Cougars would have been playing 11-0 Utah for not just a share of the MWC title but a likely playoff berth. Interestingly enough both the MWC winner and Boise State would have earned playoff bids under the proposed playoff rules as the top ranked ACC team was Georgia Tech at #14. On a side note, outside of the 2020 season this may have been as close as BYU ever got to BCS/NY6 bowl game. If BYU had won that game the final rankings between 11-1 BYU, 11-1 Utah, and 12-0 Boise would have been really interesting.

In 2009, the BYU vs TCU gameday game would have likely but BYU in position for a playoff berth (along with Boise State). Both the MWC & Boise may have been able to earn playoff berths again.

In 2001, BYU would have been the top ranked G5 champion despite the end of season loss to Hawaii.

Under the new proposed rules, during BYU's last decade as a conference member (including arguably the worst three year stretch in the past 50 years), the Cougars would have made the playoff once and would have been strongly considered until late November/early December three other times. BYU would have been competing for the playoff all season long despite early season losses in 2006 or 2007 or late losses in 2001 or 2008.

I want to get back to this type of excitement throughout the season and see joining the AAC as BYU's best path back to relevance. If BYU joins a conference they just have to win their 6-8 team division, win a title game, and then be selected as one of the top six conference champions. With that path to the playoff clearly established every season, BYU would technically be in the playoff chase in November most years. And that makes for much more exciting football.
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