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Jun 18, 2021
MormonThug All-American
look what this philosophy is doing to cities and businesses in some major cities
like San Francisco or Seattle. I went to Seattle in 2019. I've taken regular trips to LA for the past 6 years. People thought that if they stopped enforcing petty crimes then criminals would voluntarily reform instead of becoming victims of the system. Instead they've been able to victimize others without fear of repercussion. You can't tell me its not real because I've seen it with my own eyes.

Jail isn't the right solution in every case, but this is different from stealing cold medicine from the rite aid or smoking weed on the subway. This is malicious destruction. It is not something a civil society can tolerate for long before it spreads like cancer or property owners start taking matters into their own hands.

A sense of justice keeps a society intact. People behave rationally when they understand the rules and they believe the punishment fits the crime. When that sense of justice is gone fear ramps up and people start to behave irrationally. We have thousands of years of history to see this patter over and over.

We should continue to revise our legal system until its as good as it can be, but this experiment is a failure. A colossal failure.
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