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Jul 15, 2021
USMCdad Truly Addicted User
On our way to Manassa days, we decided to leave last night
To get a few hours out and slept in the mountains to get a break from the heat, we parked in the church parking lot in Heber for the night to sleep. My wife was up early and decided to drive while I pretended to still be tired so I can sleep and relax in bed. I think I could live on the road full time in an RV, cool mountain breeze, windows down, still in bed as my wife takes a turn driving this morning. Arizona isn’t so bad when you aren’t in the valley in July. And I’m normally the type of guy who doesn’t like to have my wife drive, not that she isn’t capable, I just am more comfortable driving 99.9% of the time, but something about the RV laying in bed and she wants to drive I’m able to relax.

I’ve said it before, if you have never rented an RV you need to just take a little road trip in one someday. Or do what i did, buy a 20 year old one for about the same as what a few rentals would cost you and just dive in. This 500 mile drive to Manassa CO from Mesa, sleeping in the mountains, enjoying the trip, is so much better than trying to cram everyone in a SUV and driving 85 to try and get somewhere as fast as possible. Life is more enjoyable when you stop and smell the roses once in a while.
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