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Jul 15, 2021
SingleStrapBackpack Truly Addicted User
Turns out ACE Hardware store employees aren't a great source of meteorological information
I ask the guy if they have distilled water, and when he points me to it, I ask him if he knows why none of the other stores around (Harmons, Smiths, etc) have had distilled water for many days. He proceeds to tell me that it's because of our drought (OK, but then why are store shelves full of spring water?), says that the Great Salt Lake is 40' below the national average (the lake wasn't 40' deep even at its deepest point when it was full, and...."national" average???), and then says that we get all of our water from the ocean via California and we aren't getting that right now because the state is on fire (huh?).

That was a fun conversation 🙂
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