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Jul 19, 2021
BlooCoog All-American
Notre Dame AD says that they will play BYU and BYU gets to decide whether it's a
home or neutral game.

Now this is interesting. If Swarbrick is being honest and it's BYU's option, why on earth would Holmoe pick a neutral game rather than a home game? Is there any compelling reason to do that?

Also, why in the world has it taken Notre Dame close to a decade to "honor" their commitment. I don't see too much "honor" in taking so long to play a contractually obligated game when ND has multiple times scheduled and played new schools during that time frame, while leaving BYU as an afterthought.

Let's finally play the game...but play it in Provo where we have a full home field advantage.

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7/19/21 3:26pm

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