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Jul 21, 2021
jvquarterback All-American
POLL: How many times have you been evicted from your home? Or has someone tried to evict you?
Here's my story: I lived at the Elms Junior year and they turned the water off over Thanksgiving and Christmas break for a total of 5 days (they told everyone who stuck around to shower on campus) to our building so I went to all the apartments looking for signatures that I took to the housing office and said we all wanted to be reimbursed our rent for those five days. During arbitration they offered rent at half price (to me alone) for the next year which I turned down. They didn't ever pay up the 2 days rent the arbitrator recommended and I couldn't spare the time for small claims court so I thought it was all over.

Two years later I'm back in town for a couple months over the summer hanging out with my fiance while she finishes classes before we get married and I sublet a place from my friend at the elms but he never sent in the paperwork for the sublet so the manager who I dealt with during arbitration shows up behind two provo city police with a smirk on her crazy face as they tell me I'm being evicted (the elms management black balled me after the incident I guess). I told the cops I had a contract with my friend to sublet and they turned around and told the crazy management lady there was nothing they could do about it if I had a contract, even verbally.

I called my friend and told him just to deny we had a contract so he wouldn't get in trouble and lose his spot and ended up moving across the street the next week. I was a bit upset so I tried to find a lawyer who would take the case but the amount for five days rent for the 64 people who had lost water wasn't enough to get anyone to take it.

Any other good stories?

Another one that doesn't count because I didn't get kicked out -I had signed contract and when I showed up to move in to the first apartment my wife and I were supposed to live in there was already a family there. It turns out the landlord got an extra two weeks rent out of somebody after we had signed the contract and my wife and I spent the first week after our getting back from our honeymoon at the Days Inn in downtown St Louis for $25 a day. That was fun.

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