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Jul 21, 2021
jvquarterback All-American
Here’s what I do for each P5 conference.
B1G - pull out all the stops to get Texas and Oklahoma. There is nothing even close in terms of value. If it doesn’t work wait a few years and make another play at Virginia and north Carolina. Kansas and Colorado are interesting but the B1G made a mistake with Rutgers and shouldn’t repeat it just to flex. ISU brings nothing to the table. The other teams in a depleted Big 12 are nonstarters.

SEC - take Texas and Oklahoma and don’t look back. Nothing else to say. Take Oklahoma all by itself if that’s an option. They can wait on UNC or Virginia as well.

ACC - give Texas whatever they want. Even let them keep the Longhorn network. It sets a precedent for Notre Dame. Backup plan is ISU and Kansas if they aren’t picked up. West Virginia will always be there but adds minimal value.

PAC - try for Kansas and maybe Texas tech. I see no way they can give Texas and Oklahoma more than any of the other conferences. They don’t want a private religious school and TCU doesn’t move the needle. Unlv is a maybe. I don’t think Oklahoma state is their cup of tea. I just don’t think they have a good option. Well they do of course in BYU but for some reason they can’t see that this is a question about sports teams. If they suddenly woke up one morning and realized that they would take BYU, Oklahoma state, Kansas, and tech.

Big 12 remnants - the PAC seems unlikely to wake up and realize they are a bunch of morons which presents an opportunity to pass them by. With no change I foresee the AAC champion getting to the point where they regularly finish ahead of the PAC. Add some combination of KSU, Kansas, WV, ok st, TT, Baylor, ISU, and TCU while dropping Tulane and the like and they can certainly do it. Go the SEC route with 14 teams and directly compete with the PAC by taking SDSU and BYU. Pick up the four best options from the AAC. Eight game conference season and beat up on fluff otherwise. As many home games as possible.

I think the end game here is to have three main conferences by sidelining the PAC in addition to blowing up the Big 12. Top five champions and seven at large spots in the CFP.

A couple things. There are probably only five teams worth fighting over that aren’t in the Sec or B1G. Texas, ND, Oklahoma, UNC, and Virginia. Not sure about the last two even. UCLA, USC, Washington and Oregon are great but I just don’t see the B1G or SEC going that far west. The PAC has decided against being a great football conference and pretending they're some sort of academic fraternity which leaves the door open for the AAC + Big 12 remnants to pass them up.
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