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Jul 22, 2021
Xenon Truly Addicted User
Wild thought on BigXII GOR....
Personally, I don't think the GOR is going to last or be worth any more than the paper it is written on ...

So, Texas and OU announce they are going to stay until the GOR runs out... so technically living up to the contract.

BUT that means the BigXII is "dead conference walking".... so everyone else in the BigXII is working on their escape hatch as well. In the end that means some of them maybe jump ship to the AAC or ACC .... or if really lucky to the B16Ten. AND/OR the BigXII starts trying to bring in new schools to backfill.

In the end, all that change ends up being the basis of Texas and Oklahoma claiming "THIS BigXII, with x and y and z leaving and a and b and c coming in is NOT the BigXII we signed the GOR with ... the GOR is no longer valid, and we're leaving in 2023 instead" ... which actually helps free up the other schools to jump ship early as well, so they don't really fight it.

AND POOF the GOR is dead and realignment is accelerated.
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