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Jul 22, 2021
jvquarterback All-American
Best option for Big 12 remnants is to try and force ACC/PAC/B1G to take them.
Next best option is to try and stay even with the PAC.

Kansas and ISU make their play for the B1G. Kansas has a shot, ISU adds nothing. The B1G can have uneven divisions and just take Kansas.

ISU has a better shot at the ACC. WV can dream about the ACC but it just won't happen.

The PAC has no interest in the other remnants but they can threaten to take SDSU and BYU if the PAC doesn't invite them. I don't think it works but SDSU/BYU can be like the beachhead TAMU was for the SEC in trying to make inroads to western (read California) recruiting. If the B12 remnants can give CA athletes more money they might come. Maybe the PAC takes the remnants to keep them from becoming what the MWC was threatening to become with Utah, TCU, BYU, and BSU.

The PAC should be terrified of being left behind, maybe they make the move and take Ok st, Baylor, Kansas, ISU. The problem is that any of those teams would bail for the other three conferences at a moments notice. It eliminates the B12 though and there is something to that.
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