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Jul 23, 2021
Bobmarleyjr All-American
The Big 12 was very short sighted and never learn
The one thing predictable about conference realignment is it’s completely unpredictable. Nobody should know it better than the Big 12 that lost four members to three the last realignment every P5 grew but Big12.
It all happened suddenly and nobody predicted the moves or the teams before it happened. Despite this all they did was attempt to play it conservative because they didn’t like the options.
They were so short sighted they believed things wouldn’t change again simply because the presidents said they wouldn’t.
Big12 could have prepared for it by adding at least to and allowing the college football world to acclimate to the new additions to the P5 world.
Now they need to add and probably four at the end of the day. Now the inundation with more members into a smaller pond has a disproportionate impact on its brand.
They were thinking nothing would change and banking on it even though the Big 8 has undergone the most dramatic change with only 5/8 of the original Big 8 remaining in the conference and 8/12 original Big 12 members.
Regardless of what happens they need to accept they cannot dictate the future and need to prepare for it. It’s probably too late but they can’t expect to sit around waiting for end.
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