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Jul 28, 2021
IceCreamButt Truly Addicted User
A dumb line I see trotted out once in a while is "BYU isn't going to make it big
Playing a schedule like they did in 2020"

"Independence isn't going to work if the schedule is like 2020"

Oh really? A schedule totally obliterated and built from the ground up in a few months due to a once in a lifetime pandemic isn't ideal? Could've fooled me.

They are acting like that schedule is indicative of a normal independence schedule. In 2015 we had 4 P5s (+1 bowl), 2016 6, 2017 (RIP) 4, 2018 5, and 2019 4.

This year BYU plays 7 P5s, 2022 4, 2023 4, and 2024 2 (as of right now, only at 10 games, but so far a stinker). These are sure to change over the next few years so nothing is set in stone but the same people complaining about last year's one off schedule are the same ones who want us in the MWC where that 2020 schedule is basically the norm.

Of course we would like to play more P5 but unless we get invited to a P5 our best shot at playing a good schedule with multiple P5s is independence and no more pandemics.
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