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Jul 28, 2021
shakarocks All-American
I see Kehl there all the time. I also had some drama there recently
Dude pulled up with his buddy into a handicapped stall right next to the front door. They both hopped out and had no physical impairment nor did they have a handicapped placard or plates.

As we were waiting in line to get scanned I "suggested" that he really shouldn't park in the disabled parking. He immediately went into turbo mode and got in my face screaming at me that I'm a piece of yewt over and over. His buddy joined in as well. This was all caught on video and witnessed by the front desk staff and several other people.

I'm not really one to let someone do that but I'm smart enough not to do something that would get me kicked out of my gym. Anyway, the Lifetime manager and membership manager had a long talk with the guy. When his membership was threatened he rolled over like a little lamb.

Lifetime is a great gym and the management will probably not take what that guy did lying down. My guess is that, while the cops aren't going to do anything, Lifetime will give him the boot.
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